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Joker identität

joker identität

Mai Die Identität des Jokers sollte enthüllt werden. Und sie wurde es – irgendwie Jared Leto als Joker im neuen Film „Suicide Squad“. Der Joker. Fähigkeiten und Waffen: Das Markenzeichen des Jokers ist sein Joker Venom der unsterbliche und mächtige Dämon der die wahre Identität des Ritters kennt. Mai Bereits in Justice League #42 hat Batman die Identität des Jokers erfahren. Allerdings dürfte euch das Geheimnis des Clowns genauso.

identität joker -

Hier ist der Joker — dargestellt von Jack Nicholson — anders als in den Comics in die Ereignisse verwickelt, die den Entwicklungsgang von Bruce Waynes Batman bewirkten: Barry erinnert sich wieder an seinen vergessenen Sidekick. Allerdings könnte das Ende einen ersten Hinweis darauf geben: Zur Herkunft des Jokers und seinem bürgerlichen Namen gibt es keine einheitliche Version. Steve Englehart hat die Figur um weitere den Charakter definierende Züge bereichert. Einige jüngere Batman-Geschichten, die nach der er Kinoverfilmung entstanden, in welcher dem Joker der bürgerliche Name Jack Napier gegeben wurde, greifen Jack als seinen Vornamen auf, lassen dabei jedoch seinen Nachnamen offen. Im Epilog sieht man, wie auf dem Mars die am Anfang des Hefts erwähnte kaputte Armbanduhr von Wally West wie durch Geisterhand repariert wird, dazu erscheint ein kurzer Dialog zwischen Dr. Es ist natürlich anzunehmen das Joker wollte, das Batman ihn finden und zur Rechenschaft ziehen würde denn die Namenwahl, Joe Kerr, ist mehr als offensichtlich. Doch ein Ausstieg aus dem Überfall war nicht mehr nötig, denn die Gangster akzeptierten ein "Nein" nicht.

Joker identität -

Dies ist aber nicht das erste Mal, das man den Verdacht bekommt, in dem Joker stecke vielleicht doch so etwas wie eine Seele. Doch aus irgendeinen Grund schaffte es der Clown seinen, eigentlich nicht vorhandenen, Charme spielen zu lassen und Harleen in seinen Bann zu ziehen. Weiterhin ist Joker, genau wie Poison Ivy, unempfindlich gegen andre Gifte, wie z. Sehr intelligent Begabt in Chemie Gut im Nahkampf. Denn am Ende ist das Mysterium entzaubert.

Or we could acknowledge the obvious. Everyone in the West has three names; your given name, your middle name, and your surname. One of the jokers names is Damian because the new robin became a joker and he was featured as the joker in the dark night.

That was my original guess as well, but too hokey I think? It would be a really weird twist though. Joker is a Wayne. Perhaps this three names thing mean his middle name as well.

I believe the joker is one being for instance and Yeh the multiple personality theory is interesting but I think in could mean his full name, like Neil Patrick Harris or Aaron Taylor Johnson… Maybe his true name is something like Joseph K.

Erkins who bloody knows? Joseph Aaron Kehr …? In Schleswig-Holstein, Zwicker decks come with six jokers. In Greek mythology, Gelos[pronunciation?

According to Philostratus the Elder, he was believed to enter the retinue of Dionysus alongside Comus. Risus was the Latin rendition of the name Gelos.

A festival in honor of Risus i. Laughter Meditation possesses similarities to traditional meditation. However, it is the laughter that focuses the person to concentrate on the moment.

Through a three-stage process of stretching, intentional laughing, and a period of meditative silence. It is sometimes done in group settings.

Either way, this is another completely unnecessary stunt that will have no sales impact and wreck a perfectly good comics tradition.

Bad enough your going to give an iconic character a name and backstory. How bout three different names he goes by like the joker, the red hood, and Jayson Todd?

It will be interesting to see Tom King continue from there. Of course there are three Jokers! Thomas Wayne never died. He was shot by a rival gang member.

Now if you go to the theory that Bruce Wayne is delusional, then mix in some fight club, Bruce Wayne is number 2.

But the three identity thing has little to do with who he actually is as to a birth name. DC is smart to leave fans hanging on just to reveal a character that was readily present in the franchise already.

But all the theories do help. Batman is coolest but the joker promotes the idea. I personally think his mom called him the joker as a child and it stuck.

The golden and silver are probably one in the same. If i was writing it, at the end of the golden age he found out he was dying. So rather than waste time, he made more focus on larceny to buy black market materials and pay freelance assistance.

By reducing the loss of life, he would lessen the charges so it would be in lesser restrictions to escape or easier to manipulate staff.

Once he was able to complete his project, he found a new host. After a while the merging memories drive him further batty.

Thus leading up to his current iteration. Though the comic may change the victim in the future comics. Thus why he ran in there. After all he is a chemical engineer.

Then when they got tired of him or he told them to, he worked for someone else who got the credit for their formation. And additionally over time they forgot who gbeir founder was because they had changed several times.

According to Wikipedia and of what I understand the word mobius is German and in German there are three names for joker. These names are 1.

Now forgive me I do not know much about the comic books so I am probably totally wrong, but here is my theory. I also like to think that his dad was screwed over by the Wayne family and that is why he has always targeted gothem city because the Wayne family owned most of it and would hurt the most from what the joker does.

And from the jokers dad being screwed over his family was poor which made his dad turn to alcohol and when drunk he became a very cruel man.

Like we have heard from the joker in the dark night movie now I also like to believe that he is the youngest of three brothers and was very close to them but as most babies of the family, was picked on a lot in a brotherly way.

These are my theories like I said I am most likely way off. Three people were given credit for the creation of joker.

I have formulated a thought. Like you can catch it. Idk but besides that I think the Batman going back in time to become the Joker is actually a really bright idea.

Shoot, i meant to say his gas attacks. The ones that would turn people insane. Like maybe he is searching for another suitable host. Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window.

Paul Clarke May 24, Dan Greenfield May 24, Zack August 5, One of three is called Jack Post a Reply. Zero September 15, Cool… Post a Reply.

Loki January 14, Daisies January 27, Brandi Purdy March 8, Persephone Osander September 30, His name is Jack Napier. Tyler Jesse Long October 13, Lynzey November 6, Matt January 27, In the TV show Gotham they call him Jerome.

What is that about? Ng De Sheng June 6, Joe February 22, Jesus January 5, There are 3 Jokers, I mean that are really relevant. Jack, Heath, and Jared.

DystrVction January 6, No on the Jared. Leto was fucking awful. The animated series had some really good versions of joker tho. Tuuku November 26, But Schizophrenia, definitely not… Post a Reply.

Alex August 7, Alaska February 16, Dan Greenfield February 16, I love this theory. Joseph Ker November 2, I would love if that were it!

Meeqan December 19, In Gotham it shows the person that is the red hood when Bruce is young but never told the name Post a Reply. R March 5, I would like the thought of the court of jokers but there is an i stallment were alfred is actually the joker because he wanted to give bruce a purpose as batman Post a Reply.

AH-M August 8, Just my opinion Post a Reply. Dubya October 10, Fantahge October 30, Zero Tempest YT May 16, Cthulhu December 30, Joker DOES have a first, middle, and last name.

Joe bob September 7, Actually that quite possible seeing that the joke had 3 generations meaning one half could be his prankster side,one could be his dark and serious side and one might be his super carzy,insane side Post a Reply.

Jeffrey March September 12, That would be a nickname rather than his real name Post a Reply. Neela November 22, One of the tales he spins about his scars could possibly be the truth, or they could be lies used to emotionally manipulate the person he's threatening at the moment.

It's even possible that he's descended too far into insanity to remember the truth and each story is his subconscious grasping at what is bothering him in the here and now in an attempt to explain the past.

Thus with gamble, an aggressive, violent thug, he comes up with the story of a brute father. When confronting Rachel, the story becomes one of a fickle and ungrateful woman.

The Joker's real name has never been definitively revealed in the comics either. Jack Napier was an invention of the Tim Burton film, which carried over into the Animated series.

In the comics it is implied that it may be Jack Napier once or twice, that it may be at least Jack a few others, and the rest of the time it is just unknown.

If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice! The Joker was introduced in the '40s as a one-shot character.

He was so popular that they brought him back again and again. Thing is, up until the '60s, no one really cared about continuity all that much.

We cared about more important things, like how many talking gorillas we could cram into one comic, or how Superman can torment Jimmy Olsen this month.

So what that means, for our purposes, is that the Joker's origins would change from writer to writer, but all of them would contain common elements.

He was a gangster of one stripe or another Sometimes he was a hardcore mobster, sometimes he was a comedian who got dragooned into a job, for example who took a fall into a chemical bath Sometimes he was accidentally knocked in by Batman, sometimes he just fell that turned his appearance into the Joker.

Then he went crazy and become kind of a dick, to put it lightly. Usually by now the writers will have come up with one grand, unified canon explanation of what happened to him.

But I think with the Joker they left his history multiple choice because, well, he's the freaking Joker. He's so insane that any of his pasts could be true.

Plus, for him at least, it doesn't matter--The point of the Joker is that you can be completely normal one day, then just flip out and become a kill-crazy evil clown.

While his last name is disputable, Jack as his first name is the most widely accepted. The Gotham Police cannot identify who he used to be.

He's also killed off any relatives who might be able to identify him. He has other nicknames, if that's what you mean.

In the Dark Knight he is just known as Joker, but if you are talking Tim Burton Batman, well that is a diffrent story. He deosnt have a real name in the movie, but Heath Ledger commited suicide becasue of the evilness of the movie i guess he felt bad for having to act so evil??

Related Questions Did the joker as in batman ever have a real identity? What is the jokers real name in batman?

Batman 1 Frühjahr Fähigkeiten und Waffen: Um ihr und seinem ungeborenen Kind ein besseres Leben zu bieten, ging er auf deuce club casino folgenträchtige Angebot zweier Gauner ein, in der Fabrik einzubrechen. Wenn boat race 2019 die Website weiterhin nutzt, stimmst du der Verwendung von Cookies zu. E-Mail erforderlich Adresse wird niemals veröffentlicht. Beitrag nicht abgeschickt - E-Mail Beste Spielothek in Lehnerz finden kontrollieren! Die Enthüllung soll eine Überraschung sein. In den späten ern wurde die Figur spärlicher eingesetzt und verschwand in den Sechzigern zeitweise sogar gänzlich. Doch in den Absichten und Zielen des Jokers findet er weder Logik noch Sinn und dies ist wahrscheinlich der wahre Grund. Joker Frei übersetzt auch die Bedeutung "Witzbold" bzw. Der Drehbuchautor Jonathan Nolan wies darauf hin, dass vermutlich keine der beiden Entstehungsgeschichten wahr seien. Denn bisher gehörte es zum Mythos und zum Schauer des Schurken, dass er keine Identität hatte. Er besitzt eine Art von Selbstbewusstsein, über das die anderen Figuren nicht verfügen, als ob er sich seiner eigenen Fiktivität bewusst sei. Doch dieses Vorbild brachte Norman E. Zwar wird viel erklärt vor allem die Ereignisse aus Flashpoint , aber um alles zu durchdringen muss man nicht nur die beiden oben genannten letzten Superman- und Justice League-Storys lesen, sondern eigentlich auch alles, was dazu geführt hat. Monströses Desaster Das Batman-Projekt. Batman fängt ihn und lässt ihn in einen Chemiekessel fallen. Steve Englehart hat die Figur um weitere den Charakter definierende Züge bereichert. Er stellte ihm als erstes zwei Fragen: Von einer solchen Karte hat er das Gesicht und Erscheinungsbild des Jokers übernommen.

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Jokers Identität wird gelüftet - One Piece 599 DEUTSCH Eric May 28, The Gotham Police cannot identify who he used to be. What is that about? That is such a great idea Post a Reply. A-Jay DiGirolamo May 25, According to Wikipedia and of what I understand the word mobius is German and in German there are three names for joker. Fit perfectly into this theory. R March 5, You can now learn the full reveal from Justice League Of Beste Spielothek in Gresse finden there are three Jokers! Denn niemand setzte ihm jemals so zu wie der Joker. Napier tötet Eckhardt, wird dann jedoch durch einen Querschläger im Gesicht getroffen und stürzt in ein Auffangbecken voller Chemikalien. Doch geht sie immer wieder die Gefahr ein Beste Spielothek in Rajenwieke finden umzukommen, was dem Joker aber nicht zu stören scheint. Doch niemand erinnert sich an Wally, immer wieder verschwindet er in der Speed Force, bevor er etwas erreichen 777 casino center dr maryland heights mo 63043. In anderen Projekten Commons. Vorschau auf Das Batman-Projekt. Wer aber glaubt, der Wahnsinn sei die einzige Waffe des Clowns, der irrt. Möglicherweise war er joker identität ein gescheiterter Komiker, eine unglückliche Seele, der von Verbrechern gezwungen wurde, in der Verkleidung des kriminellen Red Hood den tragischen Tod seiner schwangeren Frau mit zu erleben. Einige jüngere Batman-Geschichten, die nach der er Kinoverfilmung entstanden, in welcher dem Joker der bürgerliche Name Jack Napier gegeben wurde, greifen Jack lebrone james seinen Vornamen auf, lassen dabei jedoch seinen Nachnamen offen. In sieben Beste Spielothek in Schmalzerode finden neun Ausgaben begeht der Joker Morde. Diese Website verwendet Cookies.

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